Belief in the Evil Eye (aka Malocchio (Italian) / Mal de Ojo (Spanish) / Mau-olhado (Portuguese)), is found worldwide particularly in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, West Africa, and Latin America. It is believed by some cultures that people with either blue or green eyes have the power to bestow a curse on another, either intentionally or unintentionally; it is for this reason that eye charms are traditionally coloured. There are also other cultures who believe the colour of your eyes is irrelevant, it simply has to do with the amount of intent behind your stare. This type of curse is known to be caused by jealousy and is given in the form of a compliment or a simple stare. The evil eye is often given and used in a malicious way however it can also be given accidentally by people who do not believe or do not know they possess this ability. These Evil Eye bracelets are designed to ward off evil and deflect the negativity of others.