Male and Female Body Waxing

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Male Waxing Price Female Waxing Price
Ears 15


(includes free lip

and chin wax)

Nose 15 Eyebrow/Eyelash  Tint 25
Cheeks/Sideburns 10 Lip Wax 10
Neck 20 Cheeks/Sideburns 10
Shoulders 25 Chin 10
Back 50 Full Arm 40
Full Arm 40 Half Arm 30
Half Arm 30 Underarm 20
Underarms 20 Nose 15
Chest 30 Full Leg (includes toes and feet) 50
Stomach 20 Half Leg (upper or lower) 35

Full Leg

(includes toes and feet)

50 Brazilian X 30 XX 40 XXX 50
Half Leg (upper or lower) 35

Full Body Wax

(not including face)


Butt (including butt crack)

Butt (including butt crack) 30


(not including butt)

Y 30 YY 40 YYY 50

Full Body Wax

(not including face)




Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint



All waxing appointments are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy for the customer and are completed in a private room for your comfort. 
Other areas you need waxed that may not be listed here can be organised upon request.

To book an appointment with Michael or David, please call 03 9078 1990 or feel free to send through a request below and we will get back to you shortly with a suitable time.