Microblading and Eyebrow Tattooing


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To book an appointment or consultation, please feel free to call the store on (03) 9078 1990.
Micro-bladed / Hair-stroke Brows - NOW $500*  / JUST $250 PER SESSION WITH 2 SESSIONS REQUIRED (RRP USUALLY $999)*
Semi-permanent brow cosmetic tattoo services include a full brow wax / reshape prior to your first treatment, and a complimentary refresh / touch-up tattoo appointment 4-6 weeks later to further refine, define, and perfect your brows. 
COLOUR REFRESH / TOUCH UP PRICES: Colour Refresh / Touch up pricing is for The Original House Of Wax cosmetic tattoo clients only. Full price applies for brows tattooed elsewhere previously. 
0-12 months $300
13-23 months $400
24+ months Full Price 

   *Please note that lay-by / pay-as-you-go / get now, pay later options and third party services will not be offered on these treatments

    *Please note: All welcome, including brow tattoo corrections.


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Please feel free to email us below to make an appointment or if you have any further enquiries and we will get back to you shortly.



Appointments can be arranged by phoning The Original House of Wax on (03) 9078 1990. As per our appointment policy, a valid visa debit / credit card (belonging to the individual wanting treatment) is required as payment of relevant treatment deposit must be processed for booking to be confirmed. Appointment requests will not be taken via our social media accounts or email inboxes.

DEPOSITS: All cosmetic tattoo procedure appointments require a 50% deposit to secure booking with remaining balance due on the day of first treatment. Cosmetic tattoo consultation appointments are required to be paid in full to secure booking. All deposits are non-refundable, but transferable once to a re-scheduled appointment if 48 hours’ notice is given on the first occasion only. Rescheduling, cancellation, lateness of more than 20 minutes, or non-attendance to subsequent procedure appointment will result in full deposit / amount paid being forfeited. Rescheduling or cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice, will result in the full original deposit being forfeited. You will then return to the waiting list and be required to pay a new consultation or treatment fee deposit to be seen again. This deposit is then deducted from the final cost, with remaining balance due on the day of your service.

PAYMENT OPTIONS The Original House of Wax accepts: Cash, Debit / Credit Card (EFT)*Please note that lay-by / pay-as-you-go / get now, pay later options and third party services will not be offered on these treatments

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Each individual heals and retains pigment differently. Your complimentary colour refresh / touch-up is included in price and required. Additional touch-ups may be required after your complimentary colour boost – these can be booked up to 4 weeks after your last treatment and will be charged at $150. There is no guarantee that you will retain pigment perfectly. Whilst all of our care and skill goes into every treatment, results vary depending on the individual – this will be explained in more depth during the consultation phase, before the procedure begins. There are multiple factors that can affect individuals healed results and include: use of medication, iron deficiency, amount of bleeding present, skincare regime, skin quality, lifestyle choices, systemic factors, exposure to sunlight, and not correctly following aftercare instructions. Please note, no refunds will be issued for varied results. Rates are subject to change at any time. Colour Refresh / Touch-up rates are for existing cosmetic tattoo clients of The Original House of Wax only. If your eyebrows have been previously tattooed elsewhere please ensure you report this when booking as you will be required to undergo a mandatory brow consultation (rates listed below) prior to being accepted for treatment. Saline tattoo removal services are available if you require treatment from previously tattooed brows done elsewhere and will require physical assessment – please contact store to book your consultation.. 

PRE-CONSULTATION RATES (COSMETIC BROW TATTOO):Consultation appointments are not mandatory for first-timers who already know they want cosmetic tattooing performed. This option for additional pre-consultation is only suitable for individuals wanting more specific tailored information, and a personal in-depth consultation prior to committing to semi-permanent brows. This consultation is mandatory for individuals with existing brow tattoo, however there is no guarantee they will be treated upon examination and full consultation.Brow Tattoo Consultation

EXPRESS (10 - 15 minutes – consultation only - brow wax not included) FREE

Brow Tattoo Consultation RESHAPE (20 - 30 minutes – consultation, brow and upper lip wax included) $30

These strictly one-on-one consultations are a great way to find out more about eyebrow cosmetic tattooing and explore the many options available for you to achieve your brow goals. You will have your brows measured and marked as per the golden ratio, as well as be shown customised brow styles that will suit both your eye and face shape, making sure you are confident about your decision to get new sweat / smudge proof set of semi-permanent eyebrows. Brow tattoo consultations are non-refundable and full payment is required when booking this type of appointment. Once booked, rescheduling or cancellation of the consultation by clients will result in full amount being kept, with the new consultation appointment fee due to be paid in full in order to be rebooked. This amount is not transferable to the treatment and is to be treated as a separate service / charge. Consultations and brow tattoo treatments are strictly one-on-one, with a child and adult-free zone being enforced in both the consulting / treatment rooms to minimise disruption and maintain hygiene / OH&S regulations. If you would like to bring a friend or family member over the age of 18, they will be asked to stay in the waiting area whilst you are being consulted. You will be able to show them your potential new brow shape, and share your information with them, upon completion of consultation.  *Please note: Whilst we can assure we will always try our best to assist you with your brow goals, your eligibility for treatment will be decided by the Micro-pigmentation Artist and is dependent of physical assessment, and consultation findings. Upon consultation, the Cosmetic Tattooist has right to decline / refuse treatment for any reason, without expressing in detail - consulting fee still applies.